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A common marketing practice is to provide 'FREE of charge' content to potential clients and customers before a product and/or a service offer is made where the Price and Value will need to be determined by the client and/or the customer consistent with results of due diligence performed by the client and/or the customer... when a product and/or service is purchased as the direct result of a referral from this website, Richard Parsons and/or FIRSTALPHA may or may not receive a perceptably large or small commission for the act of making that referral... the provider of the products and/or services will have incorporated the cost of referral commission into their product and/or service offerings... Richard Parsons is already likely to be a client and/or customer of these products and services... 


Richard Parsons is NOT a licensed Financial Adviser and therefore none of his 'suggestions' must be treated as Financial Advice... Richard does, however, subscribe to Audible and he can recommend listening to books read by their Authors because they are more likely to be passionate about their subject... I will recommend 'Blockchain Success Stories' by John Hargrave and Evan Karnoupakis because this is a subject in which I have an interest... Don't have a subscription...? No problem... the first month is FREE...!! Only pay when you wish to receive a new book each month... or... save your monthly credits until there is a subject you need to research...!!!

Hey... a good place to start is with the New and Expanded edition of 'Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion' by and narrated by, Robert B. Cialdini HERE...>>>

Richard speculated a small amount during the sacrifice period for the transaction is listed on the Etherium Blockchain... as are all transactions...

Making a recommendation without first establishing a client's needs, is likely to lead to a conclusion that is less than satisfactory...

Richard Parsons at West Dean in the UK created FIRSTALPHA LTD in 1999 as a vehicle for better understanding how the Internet might influence business strategy...

To better understand Richard's methods of engagement, a visit to www.SP5.CO.UK will likely be illuminating...!!

Having spent time with Mr Simon Zutshi, I can recommend joining his PIN community HERE.

It is difficult to ignore what has been taking shape in the Crypto Space over the last 10 years or so since Satoshi Nakamoto handed over his Bitcoin project to fellow developers... those who were paying attention and took action have reaped the rewards of their dedication... the result is a plethora of people who have been studying the workings of this new technology and are now interacting on their Youtube channels with anybody who will spend their time listening to what they have to say... Guy at Coin Bureau... Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano... and numerous others... your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to decide who you believe is talking the most sense...!!! 

Ask yourself, 'What is the utility of a crypto currency...???'

Please review Richard's FREE RESOURCES website at other links from this Webpage are examples of Affiliate Marketing... thank you for following...!